October 11, 2017

Event planner Rebecca Wise shows us game day DIY décor and food ideas!

Here are some tips and tricks on how to throw a great Game Day Party!! From decorating to snacks, your game day festivities will be sure to be a "hit"!


Football field table

For the base of your party, grab a green table cloth, some felt or if you can find it, some astroturf. some simple chalk or athletic tape lines and white cutout numbers (or in this case embroidery numbers) will instantly give your table the look of a football field!


Party stores will have all of the bells and whistles, but centerpieces can be as easy as filling a vase or bowl with peanuts or brown sizzle and popping in a handful of baseballs, or filling a baseball glove with on theme bubble gum baseball string lights.

Baseball Strin...

October 2, 2017

Every parent knows the challenge of having kids, and everywhere you turn there are gadgets and tools to make parenting easier. But at what cost? 

Disposable culture is still on the rise, landfills continue to fill up at record speeds, and the lessons we teach our children couldn’t be more important with global warming becoming more of a reality every day.

Here are a handful of little steps parents can take to reduce their family’s carbon footprint.

What IS a carbon footprint?

Greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide (CO2) contribute to pollution and global warming. Our carbon footprint refers to the amount of greenhouse gases generated by us or things we consume.

Things like driving a car, heating and cooling your home, and products we buy all contribute to our carbon footprint.  The goal is to red...

June 30, 2016

This year, our amazing country is celebrating its 149th birthday! That means it’s time to start preparing for an epic Canada Day Party—it’s pretty much our patriotic duty!

Check out my fun ideas to take your Canada Day bash to the next level. See below for tips, plus some decor and food recommendations. 


Red and white is great but look for things that go beyond colour. Think of symbols that celebrate our home and native land.

All of these items are part of the Canadiana décor line, exclusively at Walmart.

Something as simple as themed trays work great. They’re easy to carry, they keep things organized and together in one place and it uses the Canadiana theme.

Also, think outside the box. Use a colourful, fun themed blanket as my tablecloth. The pattern will help hide spills, your g...

April 19, 2016

When The Social asked me to design a "how to" segment on throwing a Game of Thrones party, I lost my mind a little bit. Game of Thrones is a stylists DREAM... every character has their own distinct style, their trademark colour, etc. YES they have their sigils but it goes so far above and beyond just that and that's part of the reason why people love the show and why they can identify with the characters as easily as they do. The characters, while incredibly complex internally, are marked distinctly on the outside almost like superheroes are. To show this, I designed 3 different tables and parties, each based on a different character or house.  


A lot of last season took place at Castle Black with The Brotherhood of the Night’s Watch. I based this...

March 18, 2016

Today I had the amazing opportunity of joining Canada AM to chat about wedding budgets! Don't we all wish we had an endless wedding budget to play with? But alas that's never the case and all to often Brides and Grooms have a year of difficult decisions and sometimes awkward conversations ahead of them. Here are a few tips on how to curb costs without sacrificing design.  


Invites versus E-vites:

This is one I'm asked about all of the time... the big debate: Invites versus E-vites (electronic invitations). What people often don’t think about is just how many notices are sent out for a wedding: save the dates, engagement parties, bridal showers, and of course the inserts that go with an invitation indicating parking or directional maps, and brunch details. A a great place to curb the budget...

September 27, 2014

Dining INNvasion Episode 5 : Bayview Wildwood Resort 


Nothing makes parents happier than having happy and busy kids…  it means parents can finish their meals and relax a bit. At Bayview Wildwood Resort, I implemented a woodlands photobooth with this very goal in mind, and it surpassed our wildest dreams! The kids loved playing with the props and getting their photos taken, and more importantly, the parents were able to watch from a distance and relax.


The photobooth I created included a scenic mountain backdrop, snow-tipped fir trees, a canoe, a totem pole, fake snow, a rocking chair, woodland deer, and a variety of different outfits for the kids to wear including fake beards (my favourite prop of the bunch!), some hunter jackets and hats, and a fake axe.


These days, using filters and apps...

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Rebecca Wise
Event Planner, Entertainment & Family Content Creator, Spokesperson, Guest Expert on CTV's The Social, The Marilyn Denis Show, CHCH and mom to the most amazing little girl in the whole world
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October 11, 2017

September 22, 2014

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