September 17, 2014

Dining INNvasion Episode 2 


There are some amazing perks from being friends with a chef... mainly, they feed you. A lot. And it's DELICIOUS ;) This is the feast Victor made me and the crew the first night we shot at Bobcaygeon... c'mon. 


Some neat things I learned while visiting Jerry's Kawartha Lakes Honey bee farm:


1. Bee farms are actually called "Apiaries" (Apiary singular). Contrary to popular belief, they have nothing to do with apes. 

2. Bees can feel your emotional state through the phermones you give off... if you're panicked or scared, they will sense it and they get riled up as a result. So want the bees to stay calm? Keep cool and breathe deeply, like this guy: 


3. It's almost impossible to sell organic honey in Ontario, even if the entire process at the Apiary is organic. Bees...

September 9, 2014

Dining INNvasion Episode 1



The gorgeous weather and view at Rockhill Farms... WAY too picturesque


Don't think this guy knew what to make of my excitement.


Got along so well with this awesome guy from day 1!!


Our Director, Scott McNeil, out on the dock. Oh yah, and then there's that view... whaaaaa?? 


Shooting food beauties.


How the magic of television is made... our crazy talented camera man, Blair Locke.


Hanging out with tiny wee little ponies... loving cottage country ;) 


Rebecca Wise


For more info on Dining INNvasion:


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Rebecca Wise
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September 22, 2014

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