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Cottage Life's Dining INNvasion

Chef Victor Barry and Event Planner Rebecca Wise, are set to INNvade cottage country with a master plan. In each episode, the pair is called-in by one desperate resort owner, in need of a menu revamp and dining room rejuvenation. Together they devise a course of action guaranteed to attract new patrons and keep current guests coming back for more.

The Montrose Inn

Belleville, ON

 Bayview Wildwood Resort

 Port Stanton, ON 

Westwind Inn 

  Buckhorn, ON 

The Bobcaygeon Inn

Bobcaygeon, ON

Bonnie View Inn

Haliburton, ON

Rawley Resort

Port Severn, ON

The Stone Maiden Inn

Stratford, ON

Couples Resort

Whitney, ON - Algonquin

Isaiah Tubbs Resort

Prince Edward County, ON

Patterson Kaye Resort

Bracebridge, ON

The Inn at Christie's Mill 

Port Severn, ON

Fern Resort

Orillia, ON

Dynamic Duo

Victor is a real force in the kitchen, but you wouldn’t think that from looking at his Teddy Bear appearance. He’s a control freak who obsesses over both process and product. He won’t stand for subpar cuisine and believes in taking everything to the next level. Up north, he’ll remain true to his prerogatives and uncover nearby quality food sources, and the hidden gems of cottage country, to design new, specialty menu items. He’ll exchange tips and tricks with local foodies and farmers.  

Rebecca, event planner extraordinaire, will inject some new life into these dining rooms and the people working in them. She’ll set the mood with an atmosphere to match Victor’s stellar cuisine. With her eye on everything, from service to silverware, she’ll make sure the entire experience lives up to Victor’s menu. Rebecca has a sweet, yet stern, approach and wants things to go her way. If she can dream it, it has to happen. Used to attracting bees with honey, she’ll barter and bargain and up-cycle trash into treasure, to create the ultimate dining ambience. With each INNvasion, Victor and Rebecca will breathe new life into a tired menu and space, to create the ultimate cottage dining experience!

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