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Behind the scenes… Bobcaygeon

Dining INNvasion Episode 2

There are some amazing perks from being friends with a chef... mainly, they feed you. A lot. And it's DELICIOUS ;) This is the feast Victor made me and the crew the first night we shot at Bobcaygeon... c'mon.

Photo 10-27-2013, 9 10 15 PM_edited.jpg

Some neat things I learned while visiting Jerry's Kawartha Lakes Honey bee farm:

1. Bee farms are actually called "Apiaries" (Apiary singular). Contrary to popular belief, they have nothing to do with apes.

Photo 10-29-2013, 1 13 48 PM_edited.jpg
bees 2.jpg

2. Bees can feel your emotional state through the phermones you give off... if you're panicked or scared, they will sense it and they get riled up as a result. So want the bees to stay calm? Keep cool and breathe deeply, like this guy:

jerry bees.jpg

3. It's almost impossible to sell organic honey in Ontario, even if the entire process at the Apiary is organic. Bees are big travellers pollinating as they go, so you need to own a lot of land to get your organic certification. In most cases even your neighboring farms have to be organic which isn't common.

me and bees 2.jpg
Photo 10-29-2013, 1 13 43 PM_edited.jpg

4. Jerry, the man behind the bees, also owns chickens who lay him eggs and he has a MASSIVE garden which him and his family eat mainly from. Truly a commendable life choice!

Photo 10-29-2013, 3 09 52 PM_edited.jpg

5. Blair, our camera man in the photo below in the bee suit holding the camera, was the only person on the shoot to get stung.

Photo 10-29-2013, 1 20 10 PM_edited.jpg

6. Bees die after they sting. Wasps can sting repeatedly. Just wanted to clear that one up in case my husband was wondering (aka we had arguments about this very fun fact prior to me visiting said Apiary).

And a few other fun shots:

Victor is the coolest person alive in this photo:

This is obviously the end of pumpkin season ;)

Photo 10-30-2013, 11 06 58 AM_edited.jpg

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