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How to Throw an Epic Game of Thrones Party

When The Social asked me to design a "how to" segment on throwing a Game of Thrones party, I lost my mind a little bit. Game of Thrones is a stylists DREAM... every character has their own distinct style, their trademark colour, etc. YES they have their sigils but it goes so far above and beyond just that and that's part of the reason why people love the show and why they can identify with the characters as easily as they do. The characters, while incredibly complex internally, are marked distinctly on the outside almost like superheroes are. To show this, I designed 3 different tables and parties, each based on a different character or house.


A lot of last season took place at Castle Black with The Brotherhood of the Night’s Watch. I based this table around a palette of black and silver with wood accents. The Night's Watch are marked by long black, often fur trimmed cloaks. Their swords and weapons are silver and metal of course, and they are not a showy or wealthy group, so everything is accented with items that are practical versus ornamental. The chargers and flatware guests are using are wood, lanterns decorate the table but would also light the way at night and the goblets are a flat silver - nothing showy.

Make your centrepieces using dark red florals as a nod to the leaves of the weirwood and darkly, to remind us of the blood of the brothers. This look could so easily go goth, so you need to always bring it back to the rusticness of the North. We did that here by using lanterns on the tables, furs, antlers and by having super rustic, manly food options like steak and potatoes.

Crows or ravens are also important symbols in the north: they have mystical connection with the weirwood tree and the appearance of the white walkers, they are what the Night's Watch use to communicate to the rest of the realm, and John Snow's cloak often mimics the wings of a crow. So I've used a black ruffled linen as a fun but unique way to bring that element into the party.

Offer your guests themed cocktails like The White Walker and The Crow. The White Walker is a white drink that should glow blue; The Crow is a dark cocktail made up of whiskey, averna, walnut bitters and garnished with a mulberry skewer.

And for dessert of course you can really have a lot of fun with the theme. This cake really plays into the crow theme and reflects just how desolate and bare the North is.


The Lannisters are royal but lethal and their colours reflect that. Their banner is red and gold so your party should be as well! Red linens make a statement and then your tableware should all be gold pieces like these chargers, silverware and goblets. Because the show is a period piece, this is a house where you can antique hunt a bit and find a tapestry like this one and throw it on top for that extra layered effect.

In every room the Lannisters occupy at the Red Keep it seems as though there are always vessels overflowing with fruit, so have fun with that! Have displays of pomegranate, plums, figs, nuts, dates, grapes etc in brass or gold vessels... you can even spray paint fake grapes gold for added kitsch. Candle light is also key to a dimly lit castle, so make sure you have lots of it.

In terms of food, this family always eats... well... like kings and queens, so fill your table with abundant charcuterie boards, rich stews, lamb, tarts, and of course, bread and salt. For dessert, don't let your guests forget what house you are! Remind them at every turn, and put your banner right on their cakes!

While red wine is of course the drink of choice for Cersei and Tyrion, a Green wildfire cocktail will just delight your guests. This one is made using Chartreuse, Lime, and Snap Pea Juice to give it that gorgeous but unsettling colour.


Daenerys is my absolutely favourite character because of how she is juxtaposed: soft, feminine, flowy, a mother; and yet at the same time she is fierce, strong, stubborn, a leader. And her look is so unique too... she's a queen and accustomed to castles and pomp. She wears regal fabrics - flowy blues and structured whites - but she has lived in the desert and her look and vibe reflect that too with Moroccan influences. Her palette is silvery white and pale blue with mixed metal accents AND ornate whitewashed wood accents to suggest the strength behind her beauty.

For this party, we had a lot of fun with her centrepieces placing soft white florals side-by-side with spiky black protea which mimic the look of the dragons.

We've all seen a hundred replicas of the famous dragon's eggs, but I couldn't help myself. A Daenerys Targaryen table just isn't complete without some delicious treat that speaks to the dragons, and what's yummier and easier to make than a signature cookie. For dinner options, we honestly don't see Daenerys eat that often, but I thought swordfish kabobs with a fiery chipotle aioli and beet stained devilled eggs were fitting.

And of course we must have a cocktail fit for a queen. Like Daenerys herself, this cocktail is light and airy, with just a hint of the fire boiling beneath the surface, garnished with dragon fruit. All cocktail recipes are in full below!

And don't forget, Season 6 of Game of Thrones premieres this Sunday, April 24th at 9pm!!


Courtesy of Civil Liberties

The White Walker: Aynesberry Duck Vodka, Luxardo Maraschino, lemon, Creme de Violette, Cocktail Cherry

The Crow: Lot 40 whiskey, Averna, Walnut Bitters, Mullberry Skewer

Wildfire Cocktail: Beefeater, Chartreuse, Lime, Snap Pea Juice, Orange Zest

The Daenerys Targaryen: Havana Club, Citric Acid, Rosemary Syrup, Muddles Dragon Fruit, Egg white, Dragon Fruit Garnish



~ Dry Aged NY Strip Steak

~ Roasted Purple and Red Skin Potatoes with Rosemary and Black Garlic with a Red Wine Bordelaise Sauce, Wilted Black Kale with Currants and Lemon Zest Served on a Large Muskoka


~ House Charcuterie Board with Rustic Sourdough, Fig Chutney, House Mustards, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Fleur de Sel and Herb Butter

~ Herb Roasted Turkey Legs with Roasted Root Vegetables


~ Grilled Swordfish Kebabs with Fiery Chipotle Aioli and Shaved Fennel-Purple Cabbage and Chive Slaw Garnished with Purple Edible Flowers

~ Beet Stained Deviled Eggs with Crispy Pancetta and Truffle Mousse

Styling, Design, DIY pieced provided by:


twitter: Event_Wise #Event_Wise

facebook: EventWiseTO

instagram: Event_Wise



Floral and Select Décor provided by:


Twitter: @apetalortwo

Facebook: @apetalortwo Instagram: @apetalortwo

Décor provided by:


Décor Provided: flatware, select charger plates, accent plates, Ajmer lanterns,

goblets, metalware goblets, Florentine trays and cut glass hurricanes

Facebook: @plateoccasions

Instagram: @plateoccasions


Décor Provided: Linens, black iron lanterns and select charger plates

Twitter: @haveaseatdecor

Facebook: @haveaseadecor

Instagram: @have_a_seat_decor


Décor Provided: mix of brass candlesticks, gold flower candlesticks,

aqua boxes, aqua chalice, silver champagne bucket, silver trays,

select Florentine trays, silver goblets, antlers

Twitter: @VintageRental

Facebook: @southerncharmvintagerentalswhitby

Instagram: @southerncharmvintagerentals


Décor Provided: coat of arms, silver goblets, coyote fur

Twitter: @ ThePropRoom

Facebook: @ThePropRoom

Instagram: @proproomprops

Catering provided by:


Twitter: @ChefToben

Facebook: @TobenFoodByDesign

Instagram: @tobenfoodbydesign

Cocktails provided by:


Twitter: @CivLibTO

Facebook: @civil-liberties Instagram: @civlibto

Desserts and Sweets provided by:


Twitter: @simplysweetsbysusy

Facebook: @simplysweetsbysusy

Instagram: @simplysweetsbysusy


Rebecca Wise
Event Planner, Entertainment & Family Content Creator, Spokesperson, Guest Expert on CTV's The Social, The Marilyn Denis Show, CHCH and mom to the most amazing little girl in the whole world
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